Primary Sponsors cheer as USA Luge Team Medals

As primary sponsor of the USA Luge Association since 2007 and  Official Sponsors of the 2018 Olympic Games, Norton | Saint-Gobain Abrasives has provided both financial and technical support to our national luge athletes.

In addition to providing product to meet all of their abrasives needs, we currently have employees engaged in projects related to the design and manufacture of sled components, improving the consistency of the sled assembly process, and the creation of a technical database to analyze athlete performance in an effort to maximize their speed.

Over 45 Saint-Gobain employees and family members attended our Employee Engagement Event last weekend.

Norton employees cheer USA Luge Team

Norton | Saint-Gobain employees were there to cheer on the USA Luge Team and watched as they won three medals at their home track in Lake Placid, NY. 


Tucker West, Gold Medal in Singles

Matt Mortensen and Jason Terdiman, Silver Medal Doubles

Summer Britcher, Tucker West, Jayson Terdiman, & Matt Mortensen, USA Relay Team, Bronze Medal

Norton Employees cheer as USA luge doubles go by Norton | Saint-Gobain employees cheer as the USA Luge men's doubles pass behind them on the Lake Placid track.