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Online Learning for Our Distributors that's Modular, Convenient and Free. 


Getting Access

Sign up for industry leading training from a world leader in abrasives manufacturing. Registering today gives you access to our Introductory courses.

  • Know what questions to ask your customers about their operation.
  • Understand how to choose and recommend products that provide technological advantages or simply offer a competitive solution.
  • Boost your knowledge and add selling confidence that provides customer satisfaction.

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How You'll Benefit

We've designed the training to be as accessible and user-friendly as possible, keeping your busy schedules and commitments in mind. With Norton tech you can expect:

  • Logical course formats that inform and provide value to your current skill set.
  • Classes for every knowledge level - beginner basics to advanced operations.
  • Accessibility any time of the day via internet connection to suit your schedule. 
  • Navigate at your own pace. Start, pause, stop, save and return whenever convenient. Automatically picks up from prior visit when you sign back in.


Having trouble accessing or viewing one of our e-courses, or a follow-up question from one of our e-courses, or need access to our Intermediate Level e-courses? Contact us with your request or question. We will respond to you as soon as possible.