Norton VAC RACK® Frequently Asked Questions

What is the warranty on the vacuum and sanders?

The warranty is 1 year on the vacuum and sanders.

Is there a service plan for the Norton VAC RACK?

There is no service plan for the Norton VAC RACK.

Is shipping pre-paid for the Norton VAC RACK?

Yes, shipping is included in the price of the Norton VAC RACK on the price file.

How long are the hoses for the pneumatic tools and the hand blocks?

The standard hoses are 5m or 16.5’ long. 8M or 26.25’ hoses are available.

Can you run two pneumatic tools simultaneously?

Yes, the vacuum is designed to support using two tools at the same time. The Y hose connector also has a cover that automatically closes if the vacuum has only one hose attached. When using two 8M hoses expect 8 m3/h or 4.71 CFM reduction in performance.

Does the Norton VAC RACK come with a reducer for the air lines?

Yes, one 1/4 Male to 3/8 Male is included.

First time use of the DA Sanders

Some of the DAs are being shipped with too much air tool oil. The first time you use the DA Sander, it spits out oil through the rear exhaust. Run the tools the first time with a paper towel prior to installing them on the Norton VAC RACK. 

How many gallons is the filter bag?

The bag should be roughly 12 gallons or 3 cases of body filler.

What is the motor life of the Norton VAC?

Service interval for motor brushes is estimated at 1,000 hours. There is an onboard diagnostic that tracks runs time, how many times the power has been cycled on and off, as well as other parameters. It determines when the service light gets turned on.

What PSI should I have going into unit?