Bear-Tex Grizzly Bear Lite Non-Woven Round Floor Pad

Burnishing pads for light scuff removal to renewing that wet-look finish. Engineered with fibers that are durable enough to clean and use again, yet resilient enough to conform to the floor surface for better coverage. This pad-to-floor coverage equates to less labor time and overall performance use of the pad. These pads help to prolong re-coating applications and maintain a high facility image.
  • Abrasive Type : Non-woven
  • 66261007792-a
Features & Benefits
  • For a lighter blend of natural hair, the Grizzly Bear Lite produces an exceptional high luster to finishes, especially on soft and flexible surfaces
  • Natural and synthetic fibers combined with a soft resin, helps restore a high luster shine, quickly and easily
  • Offer a quality performance and glossy shine at an economical price
  • Resilient enough to conform to the floor surface for better coverage
Product Uses
  • Markets
    • Janitorial Supply
  • Materials
    • Tile
  • Machines
    • Rotary Floor Buffer
  • Applications
    • Professional Cleaning