Bear-Tex Rapid Blend SC Fine Grit TR (Type III) Non-Woven Quick-Change Unified Whl

Use this Bear-Tex Rapid Blend S/C Fine Grit TR (Type III) Non-Woven Quick-Change Unified Wheel with your right angle grinder to blend and finish a wide range of materials, including aluminum, stone, tile, wood and drywall. A silicon carbide grain provides fast cutting and produces a finer, brighter scratch pattern than other abrasives. This disc is ideal for surface generation where stock removal is not needed. Abrasive covers the entire disc, so you can use the top, bottom and side of the wheel to work materials.
  • Abrasive : Silicon Carbide
  • Attachment : TR (Type III)
  • Abrasive Type : Non-woven
  • 12420
Features & Benefits
  • Silicon carbide grain for faster cutting and finer brighter scratch pattern
  • Designed for surface generation where stock removal is not required
  • Abrasive is distributed throughout the entire disc (top, bottom and side) so all three faces can be used − versus competitive discs’ one bottom layer of abrasive
  • Fine grit final surface blending and finishing on aluminum, asphalt, concrete, woods, masonry, stone, tile, and drywall
Product Uses
  • Markets
    • Home Improvement
    • Paint & Drywall
    • Collision Repair
    • Manufacturing & Industry
    • Metal Fabrication/Welding
    • Medical Industry
    • Transportation
  • Materials
    • Aluminum
    • Asphalt
    • Concrete
    • Hard Woods
    • Masonry
    • Natural Stone
    • Soft Woods
    • Tile
    • Drywall
  • Machines
    • Handheld Disc Sander
    • Straight Grinder
  • Applications
    • Finishing
    • Blending

For some products, additional dimensions and grits are available. Please contact us if you would like to get other specifications.

2 In. Diameter
GradeDensityMax Operating Speed RPMPart #
Fine Grit2 Density22,00066261014889
3 Density2200066261017306
3 In. Diameter
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