Bear-Tex White Screen Driver Non-Woven Round Floor Pad

Thicker pad with open web structure for longer life and less loading. Manufacturing process efficiencies for increased tensile strength and uniform grain distribution. Breadth of line for broadest application coverage.
  • 66261017116-a
Features & Benefits
  • Unique design prevents slippage for improved product life, cut, and finish
  • Minimizes dish out of soft grain
  • Use the pad by itself to buff on stain under a rotary buffer as the pad will hold and disperse stain evenly over the floor without slinging
  • Non-rusting; no workpiece contamination
Product Uses
  • Markets
    • Home & Leisure
    • Paint & Drywall
    • Floor Sanding
  • Materials
    • Tile
  • Machines
    • Rotary Floor Buffer
  • Applications
    • Professional Cleaning