Blaze Plus R980PP CA Coarse Grit Cloth Floor Sanding Belt

Blaze Plus coarse grit floor sanding belts are engineered with a Norton SG next-generation, ceramic alumina grain to deliver cooler cutting, improved metal integrity, and 50 to 200 percent longer life on extremely hard surfaces like pre-finished hardwood flooring. Featuring a durable, waterproof, Y-weight polyester cloth backing, these belts provide better grain adhesion with reduced edge-fray and better body retention for superior product consistency and longer life. Pair them with your bench grinders to perform coarse grit stock-removal work with excellent results.
  • Abrasive : Premium Ceramic Alumina
  • Backing Material : Y-wt. Polyester
  • 78072715991-a
Features & Benefits
  • Next-generation cooler cutting Norton SG ceramic alumina grain lasts 50% to 200% longer on extremely hard surfaces like pre-finished hardwood
  • Durable Y-weight polyester, waterproof cloth backing for improved grain adhesion, reduced edge-fray, and better body retention, resulting in longer life and product consistency
  • Lubricating grinding aid coating means cooler cut, burn-free grinding of heat-sensitive materials, minimized loading, and improved finish and integrity
  • The best choice for coarse grit stock removal operations
Product Uses
  • Markets
    • Floor Sanding
  • Materials
    • Hard Woods
  • Machines
    • Belt Floor Sander
  • Applications
    • Floor Sanding

For some products, additional dimensions and grits are available. Please contact us if you would like to get other specifications.

7-7/8 In. Width
LengthGradeGrit SizePart #
29-1/2 In.Extra Coarse Grit2478072715993
Extra Coarse Grit3678072715992
Extra Coarse Grit4078072715991
11-7/8 In. Width
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