Blaze R980P CA Coarse Grit TS (Type II) Plastic Flat Mini Flap Disc

Make cool, fast cuts while beveling, blending, deburring and removing stock on your metalwork projects with the Blaze R980P coarse grit TS (Type II) plastic flat mini flap disc. The Type 27 disc lasts up to 200 percent longer than other flap discs due to its latest-generation ceramic alumina abrasive grain. The polyester Y-weight flaps retain grain and resist fraying, while the durable high-strength plastic backing plates absorb vibrations and have the flexibility to be used in tight spaces. The disc works well on hard-to-grind materials such as 300 and 400 series stainless steel, cobalt, chrome, Inconel and titanium.
  • Abrasive : Premium Ceramic Alumina
  • Attachment : TS (Type II)
  • Backing Material : Y-wt. Polyester
  • Abrasive Type : Coated
  • 77696090157-a
Features & Benefits
  • Type 27 quick-change mini flat flap disc with latest-generation ceramic alumina abrasive grain lasts 50% – 200% longer than any flap discs on stainless steel, cobalt, chrome, Inconel, titanium and other hard-to-grind materials
  • Y-weight polyester flaps with a supersize grinding aid significantly improve life, grain retention, and fray resistance while providing a cool, noticeably faster cut rate
  • Mini flap discs' high-strength plastic backing plates are flexible and absorb vibration; this along with the discs' use on smaller machines, makes them a very ergonomically friendly choice
  • The best choice for beveling, blending, deburring, and stock removal in tight spaces
Product Uses
  • Markets
    • Home Improvement
    • Paint & Drywall
    • Collision Repair
    • Manufacturing & Industry
    • Metal Fabrication/Welding
    • Medical Industry
    • Transportation
  • Materials
    • 300 Series Stainless
    • 400 Series Stainless
    • Super Alloys
    • Titanium
  • Machines
    • Right Angle Grinder
  • Applications
    • Beveling
    • Blending
    • Deburring
    • Stock Removal

For some products, additional dimensions and grits are available. Please contact us if you would like to get other specifications.

2 In. Diameter
Grit SizeGradeMax Operating Speed RPMPart #
60 GritCoarse Grit3000077696090157
80 GritCoarse Grit3000077696090158
3 In. Diameter
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