Clipper Duo Abrasive Asphalt Dry Segmented High-Speed Blade

The Norton Clipper DUO Abrasive blade utilizes the basic characteristics of original DUO blade and adds a unique segment shape that optimizes the angle of attack while enhancing the evacuation of the particles. The result is an exceptional cutting speed allied with very good performance and life in abrasive materials and concrete block. The bond specification lends additional life when high-speed cutting.
  • Dry/wet/both : Dry
  • Attachment process : Laser
  • 70184684291-a
Features & Benefits
  • Dual segment technology provides smoother blade cutting surface and reduced wear of segments
  • Reduced angle of contact reduces the vibration and wear allowing faster cutting
  • Arrow shaped gullets generate a stronger airflow for faster removal of particles; extending blade life
  • Trapezoidal segment shape provides constant surface contact when in use allowing more dedicated cutting power
Product Uses
  • Markets
    • Building & Construction
    • Energy & Environment
    • Manufacturing & Industry
    • Metal Fabrication/Welding
    • Home & Leisure
    • Medical Industry
    • Transportation
  • Materials
    • Masonry
  • Machines
    • High-Speed Saw
  • Applications
    • Cutting

For some products, additional dimensions and grits are available. Please contact us if you would like to get other specifications.

14 In. Diameter
Segment thicknessArbor holeNumber of segmentsMax Operating Speed RPMPart #
0.110 In.1 In.-20 mm36546070184684291
0.125 In.1 In.-20 mm36546070184684292
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