Gemini RightCut INOX/SS A AO Type 01/41 Right Angle Cut-Off Wheel

Achieve consistent performance with the quality aluminum oxide construction of this economical Gemini RightCut INOX/SS A AO type 01/41 right angle cut-off wheel. The ultra-thin reinforced design gives you control for stable cuts without significant material loss to save money, and exceptional balance ensures ease of use. With less than 0.1 percent of iron, sulfur and chlorine, this grinder wheel prevents stainless steel contamination to keep projects free of rust and corrosion. The durable bond balances cutting speed and wheel longevity to maximize value with use on 400 stainless steel and hard and soft carbon steels applications.
  • Abrasive : Aluminum Oxide
  • Wheel type : Type 01/41
  • 66252841997-a
Features & Benefits
  • Quality aluminum oxide for consistent performance at an economical price
  • Ultra-thin reinforced straight right angle grinder wheel for cutting-off only applications where stable cuts and minimum material loss are desired; excellent balance and free- cutting action are easy on the operator
  • Contain less than 0.1% iron, sulfur, or chlorine for rust-free and corrosion-free results; will not contaminate stainless steel
  • Durable bond delivers consistent cut rate while retaining good wheel life on 400 stainless steel, hard and soft carbon steels applications
Product Uses
  • Markets
    • Home & Leisure
    • Paint & Drywall
    • Collision Repair
    • Manufacturing & Industry
    • Metal Fabrication/Welding
    • Medical Industry
    • Transportation
  • Materials
    • 400 Series Stainless
    • Hard Carbon Steels
    • Soft Carbon Steels
  • Machines
    • Right Angle Grinder
  • Applications
    • Cut-Off

For some products, additional dimensions and grits are available. Please contact us if you would like to get other specifications.

4-1/2 In. Diameter
ThicknessArbor holeSpecificationsMax Operating Speed RPMPart #
.045 In.7/8 In.GEMINI RIGHTCUT1358066252841997
6 In. Diameter
7 In. Diameter
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