TufBak T461 SC Coarse Grit Paper WP Sheet

Produce a excellent finish on demanding heavy material removal applications by selecting the TufBak T461 coarse grit paper waterproof sheet. Featuring a waterproof C-weight paper backing that resists curling, even in humid work environments, the paper sheet delivers excellent cutting action due to the ANSI graded silicon carbide abrasive. A resin bond system ensures flexibility and a strong attachment between the abrasive and backing. This versatile paper sheet is effective for wet applications on fiberglass, aluminum, stainless steel, and hard and soft wood as well as on brass, bronze, titanium and super alloys.
  • Abrasive : Silicon Carbide
  • Attachment : Machine Dependent
  • Backing Material : C-wt. Waterproof Paper
  • Abrasive Type : Coated
  • 66261101170-a
  • 66261101170-b
Features & Benefits
  • ANSI graded silicon carbide abrasive for fast cutting with excellent finish in wet applications
  • Advanced resin bond system for excellent flexibility and abrasive adhesion
  • Strong, waterproof C-weight backing is ideal for more aggressive applications while being environmentally stable, resists product curl in humidity
  • This waterproof sandpaper is a good choice for heavy material removal applications
Product Uses
  • Markets
    • Home & Leisure
    • Paint & Drywall
    • Collision Repair
    • Manufacturing & Industry
    • Medical Industry
    • Transportation
    • Energy & Environment
  • Materials
    • 300 Series Stainless
    • Aluminum
    • Brass
    • Bronze
    • Fiberglass/Composites
    • Hard Carbon Steels
    • Hard Woods
    • Soft Carbon Steels
    • Soft Woods
    • Super Alloys
    • Titanium
    • Glass
  • Machines
    • Hand Sanding
    • Sanding Block
    • Sanding Board
  • Applications
    • Sanding
    • Stock Removal

For some products, additional dimensions and grits are available. Please contact us if you would like to get other specifications.

9 In. Width
LengthGrit SizeGradePart #
11 In.60Coarse Grit66261101175
80Coarse Grit66261101170
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