What is PSP? Put our Experts to Work for you. 

At Norton, we understand abrasives are only one part of a successful, efficient, grinding operation. We understand also that to maintain a competitive advantage you have to be leaner and more productive than ever before.

The Process Solutions Program or PSP is a unique service started by Norton to help our customers achieve optimal productivity by allowing insider access to our team of technical experts. Through PSP, we can review and analyze your grinding process as a whole to help you get the most out of your operations.  Our goal is to provide you with recommendations to offer improved cost, quality, productivity, and safety. And to show you how to produce parts faster with fewer rejections to substantially optimize your total cost and improve your productivity.

Start with a no-charge technical assessment and let us take it from there.

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On average we save customers more than 15% annually.

How Can You Benefit from PSP?

You know your business - We know grinding. Let us help you

A major focus of our PSP program is about improving productivity. On average, abrasives and cutting tools only account for about 3% of total manufacturing budgets. Therefore, the impact of price reduction or increased product life is an insignificant cost saving compared to areas our PSP analysis could better impact.

With more than 130 years in business and 4 Grinding Technology Centers, we know the science behind grinding. Take advantage of the in-depth knowledge of our technical sales force, our Application Engineers, Research & Development teams and training specialists to review your entire manufacturing operation.

One size does not fit all, and our PSP program is no exception. Each Norton customer is unique; this is why we will tailor our PSP approach to meet your needs. Whether bringing in individual experts to consult on one specific application or assembling a full, cross-functional team for a deeper assessment, we always leverage our deep knowledge of the industry, utilize our specially designed PSP diagnosis tools to document tests and results along the process and more importantly work with you to deliver value for your business.

Our experts can provide expertise in areas such as wheel specs, coolant, wheel speed, and dressing products and techniques which will give you most optimized part quality, productivity, and wheel life. From trouble shooting common problems like meeting surface finish quality standards and grinding new materials to optimizing process parameters let us be your personal grinding experts.


Where You Need It, When You Need It – 24 Hour Access

Beyond PSP, we are committed to providing access to our expert’s knowledge whenever you need it. Whether it is through our ongoing training programs, or through on-line expert articles and white papers you can stay up-to-date with Norton where and when you need it.

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