Case Study

Finding Cost Savings by Improving Tapered Roller Bearing Manufacturing Process

7 September 2022

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A global manufacturer producing tapered roller bearings



Customer Challenge

The customer recently lost some process expertise due to retirement of key individuals, and their manufacturing processes needed updating. Their process analysts had little time to work on process improvements. Some of the key criteria for the customer were cost savings, consistency of the grinding products “order to order” as well as on-time delivery.



PSP Approach

Norton provided technical support working side by side with the customer’s process analysts to perform baseline data collection and then process improvement testing/verification. The Norton team identified several grinding operations that had the opportunity to deliver cost savings.

The Norton team compared the current running baseline to improved processes with new abrasives and optimized process parameters. They were able to calculate cost savings generated from the process improvements.




Improved wheel specs were recommended for rough and finish cup OD through feed centerless grinding allowing for significant cost savings, increased parts per wheel, better life and lower cost per part. Additional cost savings were identified in cone rib grind and ID grinding ranging from $200 to $400K per year.




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