Case Study

Optimizing Wheel, Coolant and Machine Conditions for Wood Products Industry Customer

7 September 2022

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A major manufacturer of custom chipping, flaking, and planing solutions for the global wood products industry.



Customer Challenge

The customer originally had multiple abrasives suppliers. Norton experts offered to perform a process assessment reviewing wheel, coolant & machine conditions to identify improvements. The customer’s goals were established including:


Significant increase in wheel life


Maintaining the quality of the parts was critical.


Ensuring that the new parameters were robust and safe.


Setting dress parameters at 80% of max ability.


Ensuring that there were cost savings as compared to the competitive products


Ensuring that Norton wheels were consistent from one batch to another.



PSP Approach

The Norton team performed testing and completed an overall process assessment. As mentioned above wheel, coolant and machine conditions were assessed. After completing an initial assessment of one operation with much success, the customer agreed to allow the team to complete additional assessments.




Testing showed a 74% improvement in loads per wheel by using the Norton recommended wheel on the initial operation. Additional assessments showed up to a 61% improvement in wheel cost per year compared to the incumbent product. The Norton team was able to meet all the goals set by the customer, provide high quality support, and continues to help improve their processes through ongoing collaboration. Not only does the VP of Engineering continue to contact Norton with questions but the operators as well.




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