EasyWhey Floor Color and Clear Bonding Coat

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Put a Little Color in Your Hardwood Floor...Without Sanding!

Norton|Vermont Natural Coatings are changing the rules for coloring wood floors. With new EasyWhey Floor Color and Clear Bonding Coat, professionals can easily recoat and recolor sealed new wood, site-finished, and pre-finished flooring to a uniquely beautiful finish in just one day. With EasyWhey you can:

  • Restore or change the color of a pre-finished floor without sanding
  • Apply multiple coats of color and top coats in one day
  • Build color without streaking or masking the grain
  • Blend the color of new work to existing
  • Darken the color of a stained floor to your customer’s preference
  • Use it as alternative to staining three point arcs, keys and other areas in sports floor applications


EasyWhey is available in six popular pre-finished floor and oil stain colors and, as with all Norton|Vermont Natural Coatings products, it is a no odor, no VOC solution that is safe for both you and your customers.

Cherry Ebony Gray Oak Walnut White Wash


Easy to Apply with all the Right Tools

Norton|Vermont Natural Coatings provides all the tools you need to become an expert at using and applying this one-of-a-kind floor color solution. You’ll need:

  • EasyWhey Clear Bonding Coat
  • EasyWhey Floor Color
  • Self-Dispensing Mop Kit
  • EasyWhey Microfiber Pad Mops
  • Norton Very Fine Maroon Pad
  • Norton|Vermont Natural Coatings Deep Floor Cleaner and Daily Cleaner
  • PolyWhey Wood Floor Finish


Watch our how-to videos or download our application guide for easy step-by-step instructions.


What the Experts are Saying


“With so many prefinished floors being installed, there is a huge need to coat or modify the color. This product allows for several options we currently do not have, and will provide the customer a solution other than complete floor replacement.”

 – Jonathan Keim, The Master’s Craft

“Even though customers sign off on a sample, when they see the whole floor they say hey, I know this is what I paid for but is there any way to make this floor darker? Can we do it? Now we have that option.”

– Todd Goldstein, Wood Floor Group

“We deal mostly with commercial applications, not residential. That means we have to shut down a space. By using the EasyWhey system we’re able to clean and screen the floors, apply the finish with the tint, and making it even and hiding the wear pattern. Almost like refinishing without taking a sander to it.” 

– Frank Coppolino, Archtectural Flooring Resource Inc

“All you’re going to do is roll sealer and put the EasyWhey on the floor and put another coat of finish on and basically you can redo someone’s floor in a day versus in five days. I’m very happy with the product. I think it’s going to revolutionize the industry, without a doubt.”

– Mike Mathis, Classic Services


We know you have questions. Check out our FAQ to learn more about EasyWhey. For any other questions, contact us.