General Purpose Floor Pad Recommendations

General Purpose Pads are used for multiple applications including Stripping, Cleaning and Polishing. Each individual pad has a unique purpose, and all pads work together in the four step system designed to deliver the highest level of cleanliness, longevity and sheen. Check out our General Purpose Pad Recommendations for suggestions on which pad to use for each step in the maintenance process.


Pad/Machine/Finish Recommendations


Stripping Pads:

Ultra Blue Stripper

For use on the most severe floors. This pad has extra heavy duty fibers, more abrasive grain, and an open weave design to strip floors quickly, reducing labor costs.

High Productivity Black Strip

For floors with extreme wax buildup, this pad will cut away old finish quickly with its tough porous construction.

Black Super Strip

A thick pad for moderate wet stripping applications that is aggressive, durable and gives consistent performance.

Stripping Pads


Scrubbing and Cleaning Pads:

Green Super Scrub

A heavy-duty wet scrubbing pad that will remove the toughest scuff marks in heavily soiled traffic areas.

Blue Super Clean

For general duty scrubbing and spray cleaning of moderate scuffing and soiled areas.

Scrubbing and Cleaning Pads


Buffing and Polishing Pads:

Red Buffer

Used where a high gloss finish is desired when dry or spray buffing. Can be used for light cleaning applications and removal of light scuff marks.

Red Buff Plus

Excellent for general light buffing, cleaning and polishing.

White Super  Gloss

A non-abrasive polishing/buffing pad, used dry or with a fine mist to yield a mirror gloss shine.

Buffing and Polishing Floor Pads