Norton Blaze Floor Sanding Abrasives

Whether you’re doing a gym floor re-sand or taking on the toughest pre-finished coatings, Blaze delivers. Featuring a superior ceramic grain, Blaze cuts sharper, faster, and more aggressively, effortlessly making quick work of your biggest projects at home and on the court.

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  • Available in belts and rolls

  • Cuts faster and lasts longer, thanks to our state-of-the-art, super sharp ceramic grain

  • Fewer belt changes and more footage per job, perfect for sport floor sanding projects

  • Open coat grain design allows quick removal of multiple layers of coatings, proven to cut through UV-cured pre-finished floors in one pass

  • Anti-static poly-cotton backing controls dust and is durable and flexible for easy application

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“I got 640 feet on a wax floor. Blaze kicks butt.”
– Joe, Beaverton Flooring

“3.5” white oak pre-finished floor. Using blaze for a half hour we accomplished what we previously sanded in 1.5 days using other Norton papers and bona green. Using blaze we will be on our next job sooner.”
– Michael Bates, Floortex