Norton Clipper Diamond Blades, Core Bits & Cups

Norton Clipper Diamond Products for Construction Jobsite Needs

Designed for extended tough cutting of building materials, Norton Clipper diamond products come in just about every shape and size to meet your jobsite needs.


Our complete offering of diamond products includes

Our advanced, high-efficiency products have been designed with the user in mind including laser-welded and infiltrated high-density (iHD) segment technology, shaped gullets, noise-dampening cores, split segments and depth-of-cut indicators.


Norton Clipper Diamond Products, Diamond Blades, and Diamond Core Bits

Check Out Our New Look

The diamond packaging has been updated with a totally new look. There is a bolder use of the Norton Clipper orange, a color that unifies our total offering for the construction market. And our guiding indicators are even clearer with markings for wet or dry applications, product tiers, machine pictograms and approved aggregates including:

Multi-Purpose, All Materials: Concrete, reinforced concrete, granite, building materials, thin steel sections, angle iron up to 1/2" material thickness, rebar up to no. 5.

Reinforced Concrete and Harder Building Materials: Reinforced concrete, hard bricks, limestone, terrazzo, and other hard materials.

Asphalt and Abrasive Materials: Asphalt, green concrete, asphalt over concrete, abrasive blocks, mortar and other abrasive materials.

Natural Stone and Tiles: Ceramic and stone tiles, granite, marble, very hard bricks and other very hard and dense materials.

General Purpose and Masonry Building Materials: Blocks, medium-hard building bricks, paving slabs, concrete roof tiles and other medium-hard materials.

Rescue/Demolition: Ductile, steel, polyvinyl pipe, thin steel plate, acrylic sheet, fiberglass, rubber, standard glass, wood, concrete, brick, asphalt.


All Norton Clipper materials will continue to be fully trilingual for maximum customer and end-user readability.


Norton Clipper Diamond Blades for Construction Jobsite Needs

A Simplified Tiering Structure

Norton Clipper offers buyers a clear choice of three product performance levels in diamond products.

  • Value and Good performance tier for consistent performance for occasional use.
  • Better performance tier for high performance and productivity with frequent use.
  • Best tier for the fastest and smoothest cutting speeds and extremely long life for the heaviest uses.
Best Tier Better Tier Good Tier