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Putting Craftsmanship into Sandpaper

It’s never just sandpaper. Craftspeople know that the sanding tools you choose have a direct impact on the quality of the job. That’s why Norton developed the ProSand line of sandpaper for contractors and serious DIYers.

Tough, durable, and long lasting, ProSand sheets, discs, belts, and sponges are made to withstand any size job. All ProSand products are available in a wide range of grits to tackle everything from stripping to smoothing and finishing on wood, metal, paint, plastic, and drywall.

Tested against our 3X sandpaper and the competition, ProSand products consistently outlasted and outperformed. When you see and feel the difference in the time and effort required to get the job done, you’ll never choose another sandpaper.

Choose ProSand for your next job. Get it. Finished.

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When it comes to sanding, technology matters. It’s what makes the difference between heavily loaded, ineffective sanding products and long-lasting, continuously sharp, anti-clog products that produce a superior finish.

prosand multi-air cyclonic discs Multi-Air Cyclonic discs raise the bar in power sanding with a precision, laser-cut, spiral-hole design that fits any 5” or 6” sander for maximum dust extraction and a 32% improvement in productivity compared to conventional multi-hole sanding.
Hook and Sand universal vacuum hole discs provide a superior cut on all surfaces with a strong, tear-resistant backing for any 5 or 8 hole random orbital sander.
ProSand Sponges Premium sanding sponges resist clogging and last up to 5 times longer than conventional sandpaper for sanding curved, contoured or flat surfaces of wood, metal, paint, plastic and drywall.
Norton ProSand Sheets Premium sanding sheets cut faster and longer with their heat-treated abrasive, even under extreme pressure, plus an anti-clog stearate to prevent premature loading.
prosand belts Zirconia Alumina portable belts feature a self-sharpening abrasive design with an anti-static technology that ensures a superior surface finish.

The Verdict is In – ProSand Delivers

Don’t just take our word for it – see what our customers are saying about ProSand:

“I really think the big corner sanding sponge makes the best drywall corners of anything I have tried in 30 years. It rides with the irregularities and leaves no marks, while also making a great looking sharp inside corner.” – Jack Faville, Drywall Contractor

“I received the new ProSand Multi-Air Cyclonic sandpaper and have been using it with my Festool Rotex RO125, ETS EC 125 and ETS125 sanders. I was a little worried about all the small holes in the paper, but I'm no engineer and the guys and girls over at Norton are smarter than me, because the dust collection is great. The paper is solid and last a long time. No matter which brand of sander you use, you should check out the Norton ProSand Multi-Air Cyclonic sand paper. Top quality!!!” – Eric Clevinger

“I was given by a friend some of your ProSand 6" inch sandpaper to try out on my Festool sander. At first I was unsure about the small holes for dust collection. I had a small project to needed a little sanding and tried out the new paper. The paper stayed on the pad just fine and the dust collection was good also.” – Drich

“I REALLY like the ProSand sheets, my first choice in sandpaper.” – Dennis Spector

"Sanding is not the part I look forward to in my projects, but these abrasive products from Norton make it bearable (almost pleasant, hah!). I can sand longer without having to switch out for new pads or sheets as often. I found that I can go straight to the 220 grit on plywood products as they are aggressive and sturdy enough to knock down the fibers, but fine enough that it doesn't go through the veneers  if I'm using an orbital, I just have it on the lowest setting). Thanks for putting pride into your product, it transfers into mine! – Josh at