Norton Rapid Finish General Purpose Convolute Wheels

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It's Not As Convoluted As You Might Think

When You View It In True Color


It can seem like there are more non-woven convolute wheel varieties on the market than there are materials to be ground! At Norton, we don’t think it has to be quite that complicated. That’s why we are redesigning the entire category to simplify the decision making. Gone is the sea of gray sameness and here to stay is a more distinctive color coding that makes choosing the right wheel more readily apparent by just identifying the application.



  • Blending
  • Polishing
  • Decorative Finishing


  • Aerospace
  • Transportation
  • Medical/Prosthesis


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Proven Performance

The Proof is in the Results!


Along with increased throughput and decreased wheel changes, the superior form holding of these convolute wheels generates optimal cost savings and superior part quality. Consistent, reliable edge-breaking and finishing with less shedding, wheel wearing, dressing, and reshaping means saved time, which means saved money. Minimal surface-contaminating, airborne dust improves operator environment, safety and part finish quality. Design conformability makes these wheels operator-friendly with less body fatigue.