Norton RapidPrep XHD Abrasive Discs

For Single Step Weld Blending & Grinding

With the RapidPrep XHD discs, Norton has gone beyond delivering a faster cut and longer life to reducing application steps. Now you can remove weld lines, weld splatter, weld discoloration and blend surfaces in a SINGLE STEP.

Ideal for work on stainless steel and aluminum, these discs deliver aggressive performance in any of the following applications:

  • Welding – weld grinding and surface blending
  • Aluminum Fabrication – casting parting line removal
  • Stainless Steel Fabrication – weld splatter removal and burn mark removal
  • Electrical – epoxy coating and tape removal on metals
  • Automotive – surface prep, paint/coating removal, and surface blending

Available in TR quick-change, hook and look, and speed-change for your right angle and other portable grinders.

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See RapidPrep XHD in Action

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The Science Behind the Single Step Performance

These aggressive discs are constructed with

  • Combined conformable fiber matrix and premium ceramic grain for improved cut control and surface blending
  • Blended fiber web to dissipate workpiece debris
  • Norton Clean Bond® resin system for smear-free finish and controlled wear rate

All of this translates to a disc with superior product life and shape integrity that can be used dry or with coolants. Read more about the benefits of right-angle grinding with non-woven discs.

Download the flyer for complete details on the sizes and shapes available.