Norton Red Heat Belts and Discs

Norton Red Heat


Unleash The Heat


With an unbelievable cut rate and product life, the all-new Norton Red Heat R983 line of belts, flap discs and quick-change discs provides optimum resistance to wear with super sharp cutting capabilities of the ceramic grain that defies premature dulling. Add the “supersize” grinding aid lubricant to that design and you’ve unleashed a true workhorse that competitive blocky grains can’t deliver. You can stop spending so much time changing over slow -grinding, fast-wearing discs and belts and simply get to the task at hand so your production times turn into profit lines.


Key Markets

  • Discs - Welding | MRO | Foundry | Transportation | Aerospace
  • Belts - MRO | Medical | Aerospace | Foundry | Welding | Transportation


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What's In It For You?


Get the job done right the first time and quickly with the faster cut rate Red Heat Benefits 2Don't labor over changeovers, downtime and reorders with the longer lasting product life Red Heat Benefits 3Work smarter, not harder with the product performance advantages that give more with less sweat equity from you