Norton Vitrium3 – Precision Grinding Wheels and Segments

At Norton, we're reshaping the world of precision grinding

Our exclusive bond platform provides unprecedented grain adhesion with expanded product versatility across many precision grinding applications. Norton Vitrium3 can improve your precision grinding process, productivity and cost position. Contact us today or watch the video to learn more about the cost, quality and productivity advantages of Vitrium3 precision grinding wheels.



Norton Vitrium3 lowers your process cost in three ways

  1. Cool Cutting – improved holding power utilizes less bond-to-abrasive ratio exposing a larger grain surface area enabling the wheel to cut more freely, with reduced burn and power  consumption, improving cut rate.

  2. Precise Profile – the superior grain-holding properties significantly improve wheel form and corner holding, reducing dressing time and dresser wear.

  3. High Speed – Norton Vitrium3 bond provides the ultimate wheel strength for higher speed operations, significantly increasing production.

Vitrium3 Background

Bond Technology  Aerospace Brochure Toolroom Flyer White Paper
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