Norton Winter Paradigm

A Game Changer for Precision Grinding of Non-Ferrous Materials

Combine the form holding and wheel life of a metal bond wheel with the dressability and free-cutting action of vitrified with Norton Winter Paradigm. Paradigm wheels deliver

  • Free-cutting with up to 46% natural porosity
  • Burn free grinding with high thermal conductivity
  • Truing and dressing on-machine in plunge or traverse modes
  • Made to your precise requirements with large ranges in specs available.


Contact your Norton representative for specification recommendations to ensure maximum grinding performance, quotations, and current lead-times.

Experience a Paradigm Shift in Performance

Round Cutting Tools


Insert Cutting Tools





Round Cutting Tools

Increase productivity and decrease costs in manufacturing tungsten carbide round tools.

Thread Grinding

Superior corner holding with the industry’s fastest metal removal rates

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Flute Grinding

Fastest cycle times and lowest cost per part. In-process truing capabilities

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Gashing and End Teeth

Dress-free gashing and end-teeth work

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Insert Cutting Tools

Achieve an excellent finish while improving cycle times and parts per dress for ceramic and carbide inserts.

Insert Form Grinding

Exceptional finish and edge quality

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Insert Periphery Grinding

Unsurpassed edge quality and overall production


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Insert Top and Bottom Grinding

Up to 5X the throughput of competitive diamond wheels

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Maintain a precise profile on new aerospace materials, titanium alloys, advanced ceramics and composites


Low specific energy and 20X higher stock removal per dress compared to SiC


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Truing and Dressing Paradigm Diamond Wheels

Choose the dressing system and technique that’s the best fit for your application. Download the brochure to learn more about the available options.