Norton Wire Brushes for Professionals

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Refine metal surfaces without removing any base materials with our complete line of Norton wire brushes. This low-impact solution is economically priced, delivering solid, professional performance to complement your projects while bringing bottom line savings.

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Our Complete Portfolio

Our extensive line of wire brushes comes in many shapes and sizes. Take a look at this outline to get a sense of the variety of options available, then download our catalog to find the right option for you.


Cup Brushes




End Brushes


Tube Brushes


Why Use Wire Brushes

There are lots of choices when it comes to removal of surface contaminants - coated abrasives, surface cleaning products and wire brushes to name a few. When it comes to removing rust and oxidations, paint, slag and weld spatter without removing any base material, wire brushes should be your product of choice. Our flexible wire brushes are able to clean hard-to-reach places and conform to irregular surfaces, which mare rigid products cannot do.


Select the Right Wire Brush for the Job

New to wire brush selection? Take a look at our guide for selecting the right wire brush for professional applications.