PolyWhey Wood Floor Finishes

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PolyWhey® professional wood floor finishes are the new standard in wood floor finishes

Norton|Vermont Natural Coatings PolyWhey® Professional Series Wood Floor Finishes are single-component water based floor finish for commercial, residential, and sport floor applications. Safe, durable, and easy to apply, PolyWhey® Wood Floor Finishes surpass the competition in both abrasion and mar resistance and will outperform other waterborne coatings in the toughest commercial settings. PolyWhey® Finishes meet the highest professional applications and environmental standards without compromising performance and durability.


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PolyWhey 2500 Professional Wood Floor Finish

PolyWhey® 2500 is a water-based finish recommended for all residential and light commercial interior hardwood floors. Neutral odor, great coverage, quick-drying, easy cleanup and long-life make PolyWhey® 2500  an economical choice when selecting an environmentally-friendly and durable finish for light- to moderate-traffic areas.

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PolyWhey 3500 Professional Wood Floor Finish

For all commercial and heavy-traffic residential interior hardwood floors, PolyWhey® 3500  Wood Floor Finish provides outstanding mar and scratch resistance and stands up to the rigorous cleaning required of daily use. A neutral odor, great coverage, quick drying, easy cleanup and long life make PolyWhey° 3500  a premium, environmentally smart topcoat.

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PolyWhey MVP Sport Floor Finish

PolyWhey® MVP Sport Floor Finish is a superior, high gloss, single component finish formulated exclusively for use on gymnasium and other hardwood sport floors. Durable and easy to maintain, PolyWhey° MVP Sport Floor uses proprietary PolyWhey® technology to achieve uncompromising performance, outstanding mar and scratch resistance and low VOCs (<95g/l).

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PolyWhey 3000 Wood Floor Sealer

PolyWhey® 3000 Wood Floor Sealer uses the power of natural whey protein to create a professional strength clear sanding sealer recommended for all interior bare wood floors or previously stained/coated wood flooring. PolyWhey 3000 is easy to apply, dries clear and quickly, and minimizes both grain raise and tannin pull.

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PolyWhey Amber Sealer

Used to enhance the color of all woods, even over stains, PolyWhey® Amber Sealer creates a natural oil-tone on hardwoods and soft woods like oak, maple and pine without the drawbacks of an oil modified urethane. Easy to apply, dries quickly and without streaks, and minimizes both grain raise and tannin pull. Multiple coats can be used to create a custom finish.

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PolyWhey Amber Sealer

Vermont Natural Coatings Professional Wood Floor Cleaner

Our professional-grade, odor-less, non-toxic Wood Floor Cleaner removes grease, dirt, and stains from floors without dulling the finish or leaving a residue. Available in both a daily cleaner and a heavy-duty deep cleaner. The cleaner is an integral part of the surface prep system prior to re-coating a floor with Norton|Vermont Natural Coatings PolyWhey Professional floor finishes.

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Vermont Natural Coatings - Daily Wood Floor Cleaner

Vermont Natural Coatings Advanced Finish Extender (AFE)

When you need some flexibility for difficult application conditions, AFE creates greater open time without compromising product performance or increasing VOCs, so every application results in a beautiful, tough and safe floor.

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Advance Finish Extender