PolyWhey Wood Floor Finishes

Norton | Vermont Natural Coatings PolyWhey® Professional Series Wood Floor Finishes are the next generation of water-based wood floor finishes. Eco-Friendly and extremely durable, PolyWhey wood floor finishes are a safe and green alternative to traditional polyurethane and oil-based finishes.

PolyWhey Features:

  • Single-component water-based hardwood floor finish for commercial, residential, and sport floor applications
  • Uses whey protein instead of the toxic ingredients traditionally used in wood finish, making PolyWhey a green wood floor finish that is safe for you and the environment
  • As durable as oil-based finishes
  • More resistant to abrasion and mar than the competitors

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From October 1, 2018 through November 30, 2018, Norton | Vermont Natural Coatings is offering a Buy 3 Get 1 Free promotion on PolyWhey hardwood floor finish for flooring contractors. Visit our promotion page for more details and a list of participating distributors. 


To learn more about PolyWhey water-based wood floor finishes and how to apply them, browse our resources.


What the Experts are Saying

“PolyWhey is easily the best floor finish I've ever seen.”

- Robert Callihan

“We have used the PolyWhey on three separate projects. 2 over Nutmeg stain. We applied 3 coats of 3500 in one day. The dry time was amazing not to mention how easy it was to pull. The final product was a beautiful satin sheen, soft and smooth to the touch. The other was straight 3000 Sealant with 2 coats 3500. Again, easy to apply short wait time between coats. Overall we enjoyed using this product and plan on using it on upcoming projects. Which is possible as we can store the unused product for future use!”

- Bear Garcia, Owner/Operator of Colorado's Finest Hardwood Flooring

“I had an artist client that had a tie in of old maple with an addition. The back out was 65 feet, with doors at each end. The PolyWhey 3500 was flawless. And at my own home, I laid a coat of 3500 down over thin polyurethane in a hallway. Great adhesion and my floor is protected from little wet feet leaving the bath.”

- James Harvey, Triple J Hardwood LLC, Bozeman MT

“I use Vermont Natural Coatings PolyWhey 3500 because there is no compromising.   It flows, levels and builds better than any finish I've used. All of my customers have been ecstatic with it and it has led to fewer callbacks.  The cost is considerably lower than other commercial grade finishes and I have virtually no waste because it is single component.   I apply finish three or four times a week so I really value the low VOCs and the lack of isocyanates. PolyWhey 3500 is the definition of value.”

- Jeff Maston, Top Notch Wood Floors, Denver CO