Starting a Grinding Wheel


ANSI’s Procedure for Starting an Abrasive Wheel

In the past several years we have heard of wheel breakages and accidents involving abrasive wheels breaking on start-up. This article is designed to remind users of the proper procedure when starting a machine with a new abrasive wheel mounted on it, or starting a machine after the machine and wheel have been stored for a period of time, or remounting a wheel. ANSI B7.1-2000 requires the following procedure when starting a newly mounted grinding wheel.


9.8 Starting the Wheel (Requirements)

All abrasive wheels shall be run at operating speeds with the safety guard in place or in a protected enclosure for at least one minute before applying work. During this time no one shall stand in front of or in line with the wheel. (See section 4, page 50 for safety guard requirements.)

This provision shall apply each time one of the following conditions occur:
a. a new wheel has been mounted;
b. a used wheel has been remounted.

E 9.8 Starting the wheel (Explanatory Information)

An abrasive wheel may be damaged in shipment or storage or the wheel may be subjected to improper, excessive stresses during mounting. Wheels which have been damaged or are under excessive stress are likely to fracture within the first minute of rotation at operating speed. While this procedure is most important at the time when an abrasive wheel is mounted or remounted, damage may also occur to a wheel during a shut down of the machine on which it is mounted. The user should evaluate the circumstances and length of machine shutdown to determine additional times that the operating rule should be followed.

See photograph of newly mounted portable abrasive wheel being tested. Improper wheel mounting is a major cause of wheel breakages. Always use proper mounting procedures as outlined in ANSI B7.1, machine manufacturer’s instructions and those supplied with the abrasive wheel. Be safe, know and follow the rules!


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For additional information on this topic or any other abrasive product safety information, please review ANSI, OSHA and literature provided by the grinding wheel and machine manufacturer. You may also contact the Saint-Gobain Product Safety Department at Tel. (508) 795-2317 or Fax. (508) 795-5120 or contact your Saint-Gobain Abrasives, Inc. representative with any abrasive safety related questions.