How to Set Up the Norton Clipper GC55 Push Saw

Steps to set up the GC55 Push Saw, as shown in the video:

  1. Raise Handle - raise handle to desired height; insert clevis pin and tighten adjustment knob 
  2. Raise Blade - raise blade guard to highest position
  3. Loosen Wingnut - loosen wingnut on blade shaft cover 
  4. Remove Plate - remove blade shaft cover 
  5. Blade Shaft Nut - remove blade shaft nut and remove outer collar from blade shaft 
  6. Blade Attachment - place blade under blade guard and install on the blade shaft (make sure blade is installed for correct rotation). Replace outer collar and tighten blade shaft nut (turn counter clockwise to tighten).  
  7. Blade Shaft Plate - replace blade shaft cover and tighten wingnut 
  8. Lower Blade - lower blade so it just touches cutting surface
  9. Gauge Depth - set gauge depth to zero
  10. Front Pointer - set front pointer so the tip of the pointer is in line with blade
  11. Attach Vacuum - attach HEPA vacuum hose to the blade guard 
  12. Rear Pointer - set rear pointer so it is in line with blade and front pointer


Download the Norton Clipper GC55 saw flyer for a full list of parts.