Made By Me - Brownsville, TX, USA

Video Transcript


Small town Brownsville, Texas, USA meets worldwide abrasives manufacturing, now bonded together by the hands of the people and their dreams. They come every day. They come with purpose. They come with spirit.

It's not just a job. It's about passion and pride at a job well done, and it's easy to see when you walk a day in their shoes. The Norton employees average 30 years tenure. With that kind of work history and work ethic, they are an inspiration to the American dream, and they are happy to leave their mark on the industry.

Whether it's a product for cutting or grinding, they take it seriously, just like our customers. That translates into product innovations like Norton Quantum 3, made by people with a dedication to deliver beyond your expectations.

They care about the details and they want to be sure our product is right for our customer's project. Their standard is your standard because it matters.

These are the people behind the scenes. One by one, Made by Me, Inspired by Norton. Reshaping communities one product and one person at a time, one factory at a time.