Made By Me - Plattsville, ON, Canada

Video Transcript


Hidden among the farmers' fields in the open air of a small town Canada stands the No-Fil Center Of Excellence for the Saint‑Gobain Abrasives at our Plattsville, Ontario facility. It's here that we see how a forward‑thinking global vision works hand in hand with generations of locally skilled workers to bring world‑class products to the market.

Right from the very start of the day, rolling up and stepping into the facility, there is one thing for certain, the day‑to‑day successes met here are due to the pride of people who walk these factory floors and their tireless commitment to driving ongoing excellence.

Through a strong investment in cutting edge manufacturing technologies and processes, the people behind the Saint‑Gobain name are consistently able to provide customers with the highest quality abrasive, no fill, anti clog products like the contractor grade Norton ProSand line that ship all over the world.

This true accomplishment is satisfaction of a job well done. With this crew, you can always get a thumbs up, a few modest smiles, a coworker connection, and the comfort in knowing that the made by me spirit is alive and well with decades of experience to back it up.

Their commitment to precision engineering and world‑class manufacturing has built a legacy that will continue to be passed down through future generations. This plant has been an integral part of our growth through the years.

It was important back then, and it's still important to the success of the business today. Behind each signature is a testament of unwavering work ethic alongside the acknowledgment that the history, quality and reputation behind every product that leaves these doors was made by me.

So we get together and celebrate. We celebrate our successes, our legacy, the relationships and the families we built together, and we have a little fun along the way.

The next time you see Norton Saint‑Gobain products in action, you can recall the many faces full of spirit and passion that have helped to reshape the world you live in today and tomorrow one factory at a time.