Made By Me - Stephenville, TX, USA

Video Transcript


Nestled in the heart of Texas lies a bustling abrasives factory. Full of community‑minded people, connected by the work they do for the town they love of Stephenville, Texas. Their 40‑year birthday is cause for celebration. By walking a day in their shoes, we can see that it's more than a job. It's a Texas tradition, and they are proud to be part of a global network that does whatever it takes to make exceptional products that help reshape the world around them.

We tip our hat to those people who have hone their skills one product at a time, individually and collectively. Striving for customer satisfaction on the factory floor or within the office walls. From start to finish, everyone knows what needs to be done and what it takes to get there. It's each and everyone of them that ensures things keep moving from the floor and out the door.

You get high quality, timely outputs, and friendly smiles. You even get the odd dancing king, doll flipper, and budding actress to keep the fun alive. Even the people you've never seen during the shift, but know they are behind the scene somewhere, making sure each product is quality‑ready, packed, and shipped. It's pride. It's tradition. These are the people behind the scenes.

One by one, made by me. Inspired by Norton. We're shaping communities one product and one person at a time. One factory at a time.