Norton and Vermont Natural Coatings

Video Transcript


Hi. My name is Greg Mahaich. I'm the applications engineer with Norton Abrasives. We're here at the Lakeview Inn in Greenford, Vermont. We're going to be resanding the floors in the main dining room. We're going to try to restore the beauty to these 150‑year‑old floors. While we're here we're going to be showcasing some of our premium products BlueFire, Red Heat, SandDollar.

We're going to start with the step one, which is starting with the belt sander. We're going to rough cut the floor to remove the old finish, level out any unevenness. So we're going to start with the belt sander at a slight angle to the floor. This is going to help move finish faster and flatten out any cupping, warping in the floor. Right after that, we're going to go with the grain, streak with the grain with the same grit. So, let's go.

Now that we finish step one, we're going to move on to step two which is the rough edging so we're going to do all the rough edging, get that all set then we're going to come back with the belt sander again to do the intermediate sanding.

Now that we're done with our final pass with the belt sander, we are ready for our final screening, which will prep the floor and get ready for either staining or finishing.

OK. The first coat of finish is dry and now we're going to buff that with a yellow SandDollar. It's a little bit finer for finish coats of water base. That's going to smooth out any bubble, any little defects in the finish, and that's going to leave a perfect surface for that final coat of finish so it'll look beautiful.

The project's completed. The last coat of finish is dry. The combination of premium products from Norton Abrasives and Vermont Natural Coatings has left the floor looking fabulous. The Lakeview Inn can look forward to another 150 years of use out of these floors.

I'm Greg Mahaich for Norton Abrasives. Thanks for watching. Catch you next time.