Norton Bear-Tex Rapid Prep XF A/O Belts - Dynafile

Video Transcript


For finishing on narrow metal edges as well as in tight corners, a Dynafile with a Norton Rapid Prep XF A/O Belt provides control, accuracy, and longevity. The A/O in this case stands for aluminum oxide, the material responsible for giving the belt its cutting power.

The belt's flexibility enables easy start‑up and allows you to get right to work. Norton Rapid Prep XF A/O belts are more resilient than competitive products, offering better cutting for longer periods of time.

In a head‑to‑head comparison, a competitive belt stopped cutting after 2 minutes and 14 seconds of continuous work. The Norton belt, meanwhile, continued cutting well past the 4‑minute mark. Comparing side‑by‑side, you can see that the competitive product has undergone extensive shedding, while the Norton belt still has life left.

In addition, the Clean Bond technology assures that these Rapid Prep belts will not smear your parts. Better cutting and lack of smearing are critical elements for jobs with lots of tight angles and detail, like finished metal railings.

A longer lasting, better cutting, non‑smearing belt means less stoppage and greater productivity. Norton Bear‑Tex. Better life. Better finish. Better by design.