Norton Gemini Rightcut Cut-off Wheels 3/32" thick

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Narrator:  Norton is a world leader in abrasive products. We have a product for any application, with a high‑quality brand you can trust.

Norton now introduces our new line of Gemini Right Cut Cut‑Off Wheels, specifically designed for root pass, pipe repair, and tough high force cutting applications.

Utilizing a combination of unique bond, grain properties, and specific thickness for maximum productivity.

When working on pipe fitting applications where the angle of your bevel is less than 60 degrees, on a schedule 40 or above pipe, in many cases a 1/8" thick wheel is too wide to clean the root pass and/or feather initial tacks and may cause improper cleaning or gouging of your bevel.

The Norton Gemini line of 3/32" cut‑off wheels will provide the right wheel with the correct thickness designed to excel when cleaning a tight root pass, repairing a weld crack, or cutting at high‑pressure applications.

To repair a crack in a weld that could extend further over time and cause costly repairs, cutting into the crack to form the landing in the gap using a 1/8" thick wheel may take a long while.

To cut through hardened nails or studs on high yield jobs using a thinner .045" wheel for this high pressure application, would not have enough life, which may result in repeated wheel changes and in low productivity.

In all these noted applications, a thicker or a thinner wheel will create opportunities for mistakes and lack of productivity. Longer life and faster cut rate will always translate into a lower total cost per gram of material removed.

These new Norton Gemini 3/32" wheels will outperform standard competitive aluminum oxide wheels. Now available in type 27, from 4 1/2" to 7" in diameter, all with a 7/8" Arbor hole and 5/8‑11 hub for use on right angle grinders.

Choose Norton for performance and value for every application.

Man:  Proudly made by me, here in our Texas facility.

Woman:  Proudly made by me, here in our Texas facility.

Group:  Proudly made in our Texas facility.