Norton Rapid Blend TR Discs

Video Transcript


Hello, I'm Paul Krupa. I'm the Senior Product Manager for Saint‑Gobain Abrasives Non‑Woven business. The Saint‑Gobain Rapid Blend Disc product is a three‑dimensional product.

Unlike a traditional surface conditioning product which is the most standard product that has been on the market for many years, this product is what we call a monolayer product. Meaning we're coating one layer of resin, one layer of grain onto a backing. You can only grind on the face of this product. Once you've completely consumed the face of the abrasive you're left with the backing and the disc is done.

The Saint‑Gobain Rapid Blend product is a 3D product. You can grind in all dimensions of the product. You can grind on the face, you can grind on the edge, and you can grind on the back of the product.

With a backup pad that matches the diameter of the button, you can actually consume this disc from its outer diameter to the button and from its face to its back until you've completely consumed the product. In many instances this product will outperform a traditional surface conditioning product up to eight times.

Applications for the Rapid Blend Disc include well blending, blending and removing course script scratches, removing seam sealer, and other coatings on body panels and other surfaces. It's a high performance product in that this technology ‑‑ this rapid blend technology ‑‑ utilizes our premium ceramic grain.

It uses a patent pending resin chemistry that will not smear on a work piece or cause surface defects. And the non‑woven webbing that we use to produce this product provides great structural integrity, yet it allows the product to wear completely down to the button giving you extremely long life.

In addition to the Norton Rapid Blend surface blending product, the orange disc, we also have the Vortex Rapid Blend blending disc. These two discs are used in combination as a premium option to traditional surface conditioning products.

If you look at these products as they're positioned on the table, the Norton Blaze Rapid Blend Disc works courser than the brown core surface conditioning but finishes like a medium surface‑conditioning product. The Vortex Rapid Blend Disc product works courser than the medium surface conditioning material yet finishes as fine, or finer, than the very fine surface conditioning product. So it eliminates a step in the process.

In addition, the Rapid Blend family of products ‑‑ Blaze and Vortex ‑‑ lasts up to eight times longer than the traditional surface conditioning products.