Norton Vortex Surface Conditioning Products

Video Transcript


Hello, I'm Paul Krupa. I'm the senior product manager for Saint‑Gobain Abrasives non‑woven business. Our Vortex Rapid Prep product represents our latest technology in surface conditioning materials and surface blending materials.

It's a traditional surface conditioning product in that we have a coating of abrasive and resin on a non‑woven backing, but what we have different here with this product is we are using our patented Vortex grain technology. Just what is it? An agglomerated grain is made up of small particles of abrasive that are agglomerated together with a binder, that is then fired and creates a new particle.

However, when the particle is used in an application, because it's an agglomeration of smaller particles, and it's combined to be a bigger particle, it has the ability to cut more aggressively like the large total particle that it is, but it finishes like the small particles that it's made of, which is a game changing technology in terms of product performance and finish.

The Vortex technology is a technology that allows you to eliminate steps in the grinding and finishing process because the Vortex grain acts courser than traditional surface conditioning products grit‑for‑grit but finishes finer than traditional surface products grit‑for‑grit.

This is your traditional surface conditioning material used in body shops all over. It's been around for a long time. It performs well for the applications it's used for. Just let me demonstrate how it works.

This is our new Vortex surface conditioning material made with our agglomerated Vortex grain, new to the automotive after‑market, exclusive to Norton Company, exclusive to Saint‑Gobain. Uses our patented Vortex grain technology, our patent‑pending smear‑free resin chemistry, and a new bond system.

You'll notice a difference immediately. It will cut faster, yet it will finish finer than the traditional product. All Vortex products have a blue button. All traditional surface conditioning products from most other competitors, including ourselves, have a black button. An easy identifiable trait of the product is the blue button.