Renew Hardwood Floors Without Sanding - EasyWhey Clear Bonding Coat

Video Transcript


Renewed look and shine on a pre‑finished hardwood floor in a single day's work? Norton and Vermont Natural Coatings have once again teamed up to offer product innovation for real life situations with new EasyWhey Clear Bonding Coat.

Our revolutionary formula uses the power of natural whey protein to create an unconventional, yet strong and versatile clear coating that eliminates the needs to re‑sand a floor prior to applying finish. Follow along with our easy steps for application of EasyWhey Clear Bonding Coat on a pre‑existing floor. Then, experience the time and material savings for yourself.

Start by using a Norton Very Fine Maroon Pad on a buffer with Norton Vermont Natural Coatings Deep Floor Cleaner to thoroughly clean the floor. Rinse the floor with clean water and a microfiber mop. Then vacuum, and wipe surface clean prior to coating. Be sure to close all windows and doors, and turn off HVAC system prior to coating to ensure finish flows and levels properly.

Thoroughly shake and stir EasyWhey before applying to the floor. Use a microfiber applicator to apply EasyWhey with the grain of the wood. Keep microfiber applicator saturated at all times. Be sure to feather out all turns. Avoid moving too quickly, and maintain steady medium pressure to avoid applicator drips.

Apply EasyWhey at the recommended coverage rate of 1,000 square feet per quart, spreading evenly across the floor. Only one coat of EasyWhey clear bonding coat is necessary, as it provides great coverage. Allow EasyWhey to dry 20‑30 minutes. No abrading is necessary between coats of EasyWhey and Norton Vermont Natural Coatings PolyWhey Floor Finish.

Apply one to two top coats of PolyWhey Floor Finish over EasyWhey clear. Allow PolyWhey Floor Finish to dry 1.5‑2 hours before applying a second coat if desired. Use only a dry mop for cleaning floor during the first week. After that, use Norton Vermont Natural Coatings Daily Floor Cleaner as needed, along with vacuuming to keep your floors looking new.