No Compromise, Just Power - Experience the Future of Construction Equipment with Norton Clipper's new Battery Range


The new Norton Clipper Battery range is poised to redefine construction applications by offering a selection of powerful and versatile tools that deliver uncompromising performance. By focusing on both performance and convenience, these battery powered machines not only provide exceptional power but also reduce noise and vibration levels while eliminating the need for traditional petrol or diesel engines. 




Designed to offer exceptional performance without compromising on power, the Norton Clipper battery range boasts cutting-edge 72v Honda lithium-ion technology. Whether professionals require a masonry saw, floor saw, trowel or compactor, the Norton Clipper battery range offers a versatile selection of tools to meet any specific need. Notably, the range is designed to be compatible with a single battery, providing convenience and cost-effectiveness for professionals. 


Experience the future of construction equipment 


Embrace the future of construction with the Norton Clipper Battery Range. With reduced noise levels and lower vibrations, professionals can work smarter, safer and more efficiently, without compromising on power. 



Discover 5 brand new machines, powered by one battery



CM350 B
Step into the future with the ground-breaking introduction of the first-ever battery-powered masonry saw! Designed to excel in heavy-duty applications, this cutting-edge machine combines robustness, durability, and unparalleled efficiency. Experience the power and convenience of this innovative tool as it revolutionizes the way you approach demanding construction tasks. Say goodbye to traditional power sources and embrace the advanced capabilities of the battery-powered masonry saw, setting new standards in performance and reliability.



CS352 B
Discover the excellence of the Norton Clipper floor saw, a compact yet powerful machine that embodies reliability and robustness. Equipped with large diameter rear wheels, this floor saw ensures exceptional stability and sturdiness during operation. With a cutting depth adjuster, the operator maintains complete control over the cutting process, guaranteeing precision and efficiency.



The Norton Clipper CFP13 WB forward plate is a robust and versatile compactor with a centrifugal force of 13 kN. It features a water tank and a wide sprinkler bar making the machine suitable for asphalt applications while an optional rubber pad makes it a perfect machine for landscapers for laying pavers.
Its ergonomic design allows easy handling and transportation thanks to a strong lifting point and removable wheels.
CR11 B
The Norton Clipper CR11 B rammer offers convenient features for easy transportation and efficient operation. Perfect for heavy duty applications, the compactor operates at three different working speeds to suit your application requirements. Steel plating around the motor protects it from shocks during operation for a durable, low maintenance machine designed to offer your high performance and the push of a button. 
CT601 B
The Norton Clipper CT601 B power float boasts a compact and sturdy design, making it suitable for heavy-duty applications. It offers an adjustable rotating speed, and with its mechanical blade pitch control, the Power Float ensures precise setting accuracy, resulting in a perfect surface finish. Safety is prioritized with features such as a dead man's handle and a protection blade guard, providing optimum operator protection during operation. Additionally, the power float is equipped with a folding arm and lifting ring, facilitating easy loading and transportation.



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