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how to repair scratches on a plastic bumper

How to repair scratches on a plastic bumper featuring Norton Cyclonic®


Car paint blending and fadeout with Norton BearTex Thinflex


How to prepare and mask a car before painting


Introduction to the Norton Dual Action Sander - Pneumatic (D.A.S.P)

Norton Vortex RapidPrep flap disc

Fall in Love with Norton Abrasives!

Racing paul

Be first to the finishing line for weld removal with Norton abrasives!

Xmas special

How to make Christmas dinner the easy way, with Norton Abrasives!

Wood blade video

Discover the Norton Clipper Wood blades used on the CWM 254 Mitre Saw


Norton Clipper CM42 Masonry Saw Unboxing and Setup


Norton Clipper CS451 Floor Saw Unboxing and Setup


Norton Clipper CM35 Mini Clipper Masonry Saw Unboxing and Setup

main features of mitre saw

Discover the Norton Clipper CWM 254 Mitre Saw | Main features