New Norton Winter SpringX wheels have been developed with specially selected premium quality grains suitable for spring end grinding. The super-abrasive particles are held in place by a strong nickel layer of bond that provides superior wear resistance. This unique formulation allows SpringX to grind millions of springs without burning and meet demands for higher grinding performance (>6 times more parts per wheel*), less waste and up to 10 times longer product life*. 

Sustainability at the core of our SGSS strategy, the EMEA Product Management team is actively promoting on the market the solution from an environmental and circularity angle for our customers, helping them to achieve their sustainability objectives on the main mega trends:



Saint-Gobain Abrasives is offering a re-plating service to Spring-X customers. Once the wheels are worn out, the wheel core can be re-plated with new cBN or Diamond grain in a continuous re-plating cycle, enabling the wheel to be re-used multiple times, which represents a genuine cost-saving benefit in the production cycle. But more than this, it’s a significant improvement in terms of Abiotic Depletion (environmental impact quantifying the use of natural resources), and waste reduction.



Our customers will also see an important reduction of their CO2 footprint working with this product, thanks to 3 levers: 

  1. Less waste: at the end of life, the used product is counted as waste from the customer’s production process, and hence is counted in their scope 1, with various level of impact depending on the treatment (landfill, incineration, recycling, etc…).
  2. 10x longer life: purchase less products to produce their springs. Extended lifespan has positive impact on their scope 3 through improved raw materials and consumables, and less transportation of these consumables. 
  3. Lower CO2 footprint: The re-use of the steel centre thanks to the re-plating service enables our customers to procure Spring grinding products at much lower CO2 footprint. The re-used core comes in with a footprint close to zero when a brand new steel core for the largest wheels (100kg) would come at 206 kg of CO2 !!