Precision and quality are critical for the production of all medical instruments
Hypodermic needles play an essential role in healthcare and, like all medical devices, are subject to strictly controlled standards. Since they are inserted directly into our bodies, their surface must be as smooth as possible, and the beveling angles must be perfectly shaped to penetrate the skin easily and minimize pain.  
Therefore, choosing the right abrasive is vital to improving not only the process efficiency but also the patient's comfort.


GettyImages-859105616 Abrasives play a crucial role in the hypodermic needle manufacturing process. They are used for cutting it to its final length, needle tip grinding and polishing.
Norton Abrasives offers various tools for all the stages of the needle surface finishing process.
Used by professionals around the world, our high-performance abrasives are designed to deliver exceptional results and help you manufacture high-quality devices to the industry's most stringent requirements.

Together with our industry experts, we have handpicked the best Norton products that provide a homogeneous, flawless finish and precise tolerances while improving the productivity of your overall process.

Read more on how to achieve a fast and precise cut, a burr-free pointing and a perfect gloss finish in our practical brochure.


Needle grinding cover
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