Make light work of automotive repair with the new Norton DA Sander

Make light work of automotive repair with the new Norton DA Sander

The Norton Dual Action Sander Pneumatic (DASP) has been designed to offer a lightweight, comfortable sanding experience even when used over long periods of time.


Sanding bodywork requires a super smooth surface, a crucial IMG_3941factor when deciding which sander to purchase. The Norton DASP professional machine offers just that, with swirl-free finishes reducing the need for rework making the bodyshop repair process longer.


Small but mighty!

The compact, small but mighty air-powered sander has an RPM of 12,000 to power up and allows you to sand for hours as needed. Make no mistake, with the Norton DASP, you’re in safe hands as the machine also has a speed regulating switch which can only be adjusted manually so no accidental speed increases can occur!

IMG-20201022-WA0006 app amendedOne of the key benefits of using a pneumatic machine is the flexibility it offers for sanding all areas of the car. 

User comfort is also a real benefit, as the soft rubber grip absorbs vibration and provides excellent control and reduced fatigue while sanding. The durable composite housing is also thermally insulated to prevent cold air transmission to the operator’s hands and the adjustable 360 degree muffler-cap reduces noise, making the DASP very user-friendly.


Available in two orbits

Available in 15DASP x20mm diameter, the Norton DASP comes in two orbits; 5mm and 2.5mm for finer sanding jobs. The different orbits are reflected by different coloured triggers on top of the machine designed for easy identification and selection.



The perfect match for Norton abrasives

The dust suction system clears heavy dust and is ideal for all car bodies, metal and composites at all sanding stages. The dust exhaust rotates 360 degrees which means any twisting of the air hose is avoided when working in any direction. 

The pneumatic sander can be used with the Norton Multi-Air back-up pad and any Norton abrasive disc. If you haven’t already tried it, the Norton Cyclonic range is perfect for any application used with the DA sander, from removing paint and lacquer from metal to finishing and smoothing before painting.

 Cyclonic Multi-Air_W_STFadeout-Blending-Disc


The machine comes with a two year warranty and full after sales service for peace of mind.


For further information about the Norton Dual Action Pneumatic Sander, contact your local Norton representative and request a trial today!