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New Diamond and cBN electroplated wheels for spring grinding

We're delighted to announce the launch of a new range of premium Diamond and cBN solutions to complement our existing offer of organic bonded abrasives for spring grinding. The new Norton Winter SpringX superabrasive wheels are a sustainable solution for next-generation spring grinding, meeting industry demands for improved performance, less waste and longer product life. 

Take a technology leap in spring grinding

SpringX wheels have been developed with specially selected premium quality grains suitable for spring end grinding. The superabrasive particles are held in place by a strong nickel layer of bond that provides superior wear resistance and allows for grinding millions of workpieces * without burns.
Once the wheels are worn, the wheel's core can be re-plated with new cBN or diamond grain in a continuous re-plating cycle, enabling the wheel to be re-used multiple times, a cost-saving benefit and step forward toward a more sustainable world.
*depending on the diameter

Superabrasive SpringX wheels offer:

•    Improved grinding performance (up to 6 times more parts per wheel set)
•    Up to 10X longer product life*
•    Consistent surface quality from the first to the last part
•    Less abrasive waste
•    Fast re-plate solutions for the used wheels

*compared to conventional organic bonded spring grinding tools


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Every SpringX wheel is highly customised. 
Our expert engineers are available to support you with field tests and process optimisation - get in touch for more information.