A New SuperFlexible Film Range for Automotive Refinishing

A New SuperFlexible Film Range for Automotive Refinishing

Achieve uniform defect removal regardless of surface curvature with Norton SuperFlexible Film Q775.

Norton SuperFlexible Film Q775 discs and sheets are the latest addition to the microfinishing range, completing the offering for fast, effective defect removal. The new film backing does reflect the product name, Q775 is the most ‘super’ flexible film sold. It is designed to reduce polishing time by providing the most homogenous surface finish, ready for polishing.

Thanks to the unique flexibility, this range is perfect for hard-to-reach areas, following the shape of the car body, providing a uniform finish. For best results, use Q775 with one of our new pads for hand sanding or the foam interface for machine sanding. The abrasive will bend to even the sharpest point without cracking to ensure all sides are evenly finished without over sanding.
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Key features and benefits:

  • Resin bond with superfine abrasives results in uniform finishing without any deep scratches.
  • The unique soft film backing provides extra flexibility, making it a perfect solution for shallow fine sanding.
  • Can be used both wet or dry.
  • No-Fil® technology prevents clogging for a consistent cut and longer product life.
  • A complete range from P600 to P3000 available for applications from sanding primer and clear coat to preparing for polishing.
  • Both discs and sheets are colour coded for easy product identification

When to use Norton SuperFlexible Film Q775?

Small defect removal is to be a critical process in body shop repair. Norton SuperFlexible Film is the ideal solution for super fine finishing to remove defects and reduce roughness on the paint. The Q775 blends any bumps or orange peel and creates a uniform, smooth finish on the car panel. It is the perfect choice before polishing and applying gloss.


Blending and paint preparation, bumper scuffing, light clear coat smoothing prior to polishing and even primer sanding on edges and hard-to-reach areas have never been easier!



  • Blending 
  • Paint preparation
  • Bumper scuffing
  • Primer blocking and scuffing 
  • Sanding edge panels 
  • Light scuffing on base coat 
  • Sanding primer surface 
  • Sanding door jambs
  • Paint Finishing 

See how to achieve excellent sanding and preparation results using the Norton Q775 SuperFlexible film discs and sheets.





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