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In 2003, nearly 20 years ago, the first Norton Multi-Air® sanding process with a multi-hole pattern disc and backup pad was introduced. Providing up to 30% improved productivity vs traditional vacuum sanding and up to 60% vs non-vacuum sanding, Multi-Air abrasives have proven themselves in the most demanding applications in automotive, marine, woodworking and industrial markets.

Thanks to the unique hole configuration, our Multi-Air abrasives offer a consistent cut throughout the product’s life and maximum dust extraction for a cleaner work environment.

More than just a sanding disc

Norton Multi-Air® is a complete sanding solution. It combines the excellence of premium discs and sheets with innovative dust extraction of backup pads and sanding blocks for even better performance.

The Norton Multi-Air® Process:

  • Environmentally friendly, improving health and safety for operators
  • Time saving, high performing, working faster and cleaner
  • Offering a complete range of discs and sheets in common dimensions to cover a wide range of applications
  1. Adapters to suit Festool and Rupes sanding machines
  2. Universal backing pad fixings to suit most popular machine types
  3. Choice of hard, medium or soft backing pads
  4. Alignment holes allow accurate location to the backing pad
  5. Waterbased No-Fil® layer resists clogging during use
  6. Premium ceramic abrasive grains and Blaze technology

Watch our 20th-anniversary video highlighting the Multi-Air Process development 

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Multi-Air® Family

For the last two decades, the range has seen numerous extensions, including the launch of the Multi-Air Cyclonic system and the last Multi-Air Blaze technology.

Today, the Multi-Air® family of discs, cut sheets, accessories and associated machines is ready to fulfil extensive applications. With a wide variety of grit sizes, advanced Norton grains and innovative dust extraction technology, the Multi-Air products present a complete solution for more efficient and cleaner sanding.


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