Introducing Norton Clipper’s new range of compaction machines that offer a great groundwork solution.

In this new range, Norton Clipper has channelled over a century of expertise and experience into an optimised range that provides value and performance to customers.



  • Forward Vibratory Compaction Machines (CFP 11W, CFP 13W, CFP 14W Petrol, CFP 14W Diesel and CFP 16W): five models that offer users easy maneuverability and handling when in use which improves productivity on-site. Foldable handles ensure efficient storage

  • Forward and Reverse Vibratory Compaction Machines (CRP 21W-D Diesel and CRP 21W-P Petrol): two models for compacting larger surface areas and can be operated in both forwards and reverse

  • Upright Rammer (Norton Clipper CR 16): a well-designed model which boasts an easy-access throttle lever and steel plating for better control and maximum durability when in use



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Following a successful launch in Italy in 2019, the new Norton Clipper range has been met with rave reviews from users based on reliability, toughness and practical use due to their high maneuverability. The Compaction range has been well-considered with the end-user in mind. The range offers a machine for applications including asphalt, block paving, gravel, clay and much more.

Forward Only and Forward and Reverse Compactors

Both the forward and forward and reverse compactors feature a shaped base plate that provides improved maneuverability and reduces the risk of marking any surfaces when turning the machine. 

The machine’s wide opening plastic water tank makes filling the container quick and easy while on-site, and the use of plastic helps to avoid the risk of rust, which can be a threat to metal tanks. Metal cowlings and guards protect the compactors to withstand knocks and bumps – increasing the lifespan of the machine.

Available in plate width sizes of 360mm, 400mm, 420mm and 500mm, the range is available in both petrol and diesel models, with a maximum compaction depth starting from 15-25cm, increasing to 30-40cm for the reversible range. Additional rubber pads are available for the compactor, which can be used to gently compact pavers when attached to the plate.

A wide sprinkler bar ensures that water covers the full width of the plate, preventing tarmac from sticking and reducing the additional labour involved in soaking the site while the compactor is in operation. Meanwhile, the shut-off water tap prevents any water flow or spillage while the machine is in transit.

Despite the impressive centrifugal power of up to 21kN, the machine ensures low hand-arm vibration levels, prioritising operator health as well as a smooth finish.

The forward compactor range also benefits from foldable handles for easy transport and storage.

All the main parts of the machines are easily accessible which ensures maintenance work is easier to action and spare parts are also available to support owners and hire merchants with planned future servicing and maintenance.

Upright Rammer Handheld Compactor

True to Norton Clipper’s reputation, the CR 16 upright rammer has been manufactured to a high standard with a hardened steel plate for maximum durability when in use, allowing for a productive and safe working environment. The steel plating protects the engine during use and transport which gives users peace of mind when investing in Norton Clipper’s range.

Our new range of compactors continues the Norton Clipper tradition of tough, reliable and quality machinery that can easily tackle the day-to-day conditions that contractors face onsite. Contractors will be able to hire or purchase these new machines via their preferred distributor.

To see the full range, click here or download the brochure today or contact your local Norton Clipper representative.