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Why use Non-Woven products for your DIY projects?

Let Norton take the hard work out of your DIY projects! Our new range of non-woven solutions for jobs from stripping to finishing are the answer for DIYers looking for fast results, without compromising on the finished outcome. Whether it’s painted wood or rusty metal, Norton has the solution which will make your life a lot easier.

Why should I use non-woven products?

Non-woven products consist of a web of nylon fibres, which are bonded together and infused with abrasive grains. This produces a cushioned, three-dimensional material that is pliable, flexible and very long-lasting, making them excellent upcycling or renovation jobs, especially where old coatings are tough to remove.

Why should I use Norton Non-Woven Range?

This small product range has been specifically designed to meet any DIY challenge; big or small. Whether you’re stripping coatings or varnish from wood, or stripping rust or paint from metal, using an angle grinder or drill, these discs can cut preparation time in half. Where you would usually use sandpaper or even a flap disc, try a non-woven disc and complete the job in next to no time.

If you prefer to do things by hand, the hand pads are available in coarse and fine grade, and there’s even a non-abrasive pad for cleaning in and around the home.


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So how do you use them?

On an angle grinder

If you’ve never used a non-woven disc before, it can be daunting. They feel hard and scratchy, but don’t be fooled, these won’t gouge the surface. Using only the weight and pressure of the machine, it’s the disc that does all the work. Quickly and easily removing surface coatings with minimum effort.  For larger surface areas we recommend to use the 115mm or 125mm discs on an angle grinder. They can strip an area 20cm2 in less than 30 seconds so you’ll be left with a ready-to-paint surface and a top quality finish in minutes.

On a drill

True to non-woven’s reputation of being flexible, the smaller discs for use with a drill can be used on all three sides which makes them ideal for getting into small spaces, apertures, curves and intricate areas like garden gates and furniture.  All discs have a 6mm hexagonal shaft, which makes for a more secure fit in the drill chuck and fewer vibrations are generated for a far more comfortable experience for the operator.

Or by hand

Choose the hand pads if you’re either removing surface coatings and light rust, or hand finishing metal or wood surface. The hand pads are washable, water resistant and highly tear resistance which make them really durable. You can use these pads as a replacement or in addition to steel wool, wire brushes or other coated abrasives.


Available from your hardware retailer

The Norton Non-Woven Range is available from Norton stockists and major retailers throughout the UK and Europe. For your local stockist, go to the “where to buy ” feature.

For more information about this range, or any other Norton product, please contact your representative or contact us via our online web form.