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BDX - Burrs

State of the art, “Inox” & “Steel” cut styles, round edge burrs and fiberglass routers brings innovation to the Norton carbide burr offering. The specially designed geometries suit growing demands for stainless steel, steel, cast steel and composites applications offering fast stock removal and long service life, providing optimum efficiency.
  • BDX - Burrs Shaping
Features & Benefits
  • Unique geometry improves operator control and reduces the size of chips.
  • Increased cut rate and longer life on tough applications.
  • “D” Double cut style.
Products uses
  • Markets
    • Industry
  • Materials
    • Cast Iron
    • Non-Ferrous
    • Steel
  • Machines
    • Pneumatic Grinder / Die-Grinder / Mini-Grinder
  • Applications
    • Shaping
BURR-A Burrs shape
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BURR-B Burrs shape
BURR-C Burrs shape
BURR-F Burrs shape
BURR-G Burrs shape
BURR-L Burrs shape
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