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Clipper - Selfgrip Cut Sheets

Norton Clipper, the brand that revolutionised the construction and building industry offers a range of machine hand sanding sheets. Whether sanding wood, paint, metal, plaster, filler or varnish, a specialist product is available.
  • Attachment : Selfgrip
  • Backing material : Light Paper E, Light Paper B/C
  • Clipper - Selfgrip Cut Sheets Sanding
Features & Benefits
  • Triangular self-gripping sheets for sanding hard to reach areas.
  • Abrasive can be changed quickly and easily when stripping, sanding or finishing wood, paint or metal surfaces.
Products uses
  • Markets
    • Building & Construction
  • Materials
    • Non-Ferrous
    • Paint & Varnish
    • Wood & Chipboard
  • Machines
    • Manual application
    • Orbital Sander
  • Applications
    • Sanding
94 WIDTH (mm)
Buy OnlineBuy OnlineDIMENSIONS (MM)Length (mm)No.of holesSubshapeGritPack quantity (pc)Masterbox (pc)Art. No.
94x94946 holesTriangle/delta perforated401566261131051
946 holesTriangle/delta perforated801566261131052
946 holesTriangle/delta perforated1201566261131053
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