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Norton Medium masking tape is ideal for use in oven and dry cycles when the temperature does not exceed 80°C. Flexibility and good adhesion means it conforms to curves and contours and many surface types including the most common paints and lacquers leaving no adhesive residue.
  • Tape Medium Masking
Features & Benefits
  • Ideal for use in oven dry cycles with resistance to temperatures up to 80oC
  • Easy to remove without tearing and will not leave any residue on the surface
  • Highly flexible with a good level of adhesion, which easily conforms to contours or irregular shapes and surfaces
Products uses
  • Markets
    • Automotive Aftermarket
  • Materials
    • Wood
    • Plastic & Composite
    • Wood
    • Plaster
  • Machines
    • Manual application
  • Applications
    • Masking